Day 6 – Cut your grocery bill in half

This one trick will help you CUT YOUR GROCERY BILL IN HALF


This post is part of the 30 Day No Spend Challenge


Are you struggling to get your weekly grocery bill under control?  Food is expensive, with the average family spending at least 10% of their annual income on their food bill.  There are some great ways to potentially cut your grocery bill by 50%, you just have to know where to look.  Putting the following tips in place could have you significantly reducing your grocery bill by the end of this month, and who doesn’t love quick and easy savings?


The major supermarket regularly offer the same products at half price.  For example, small cans of tuna are on sale for $1 every few weeks. Different products will be half price at different intervals, so it’s worth paying attention to the products you buy most.  Get to know how often they go on sale (use a notebook to help), and you then know roughly how many of each item you need to buy each time they are on sale.  For example, if you eat 4 cans of tuna per week, and your favourite brand is 50% off every 3 weeks, you know you need to buy around 12 cans of tuna each time they are on sale.


There is little point paying full price for something if you can just as easily buy it on sale.  Just don’t fall into the trap of buying these just because they are on sale.  It needs to be something you would have bought anyway, things that your family uses on a regular basis.  While you might be spending more up front when you stock up on the items that are half price, you are saving massively in the long run, and you will start to notice your weekly grocery bill reduce after a short time.


Another way to score heavily discounted items is to learn when your local supermarket marks down meat, fresh produce and bakery items.  This will be different for every store, but as an example my local supermarket discounts meat first thing each morning, fresh produce near closing time, while bakery items seem to be any time of the day.  I find the biggest savings can be made in the meat section.  There will regularly be meat at 20% off the regular price, but I buy up big when I see the 70% and 80% off stickers.


Finally, while finding heavily reduced meat is great, you can make an even bigger dent in your budget by cutting out meat completely once or twice per week.  There are some fantastic meat free meals around, and chances are the family won’t even notice the lack of meat unless you point it out to them.  Try meals like our Easy Spinach and Tomato Tortellini and Roasted Sweet Potato Soup.


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