Day 5 – Double your meals

Day 5 of the 30 Day no spend challenge - Double your meals

This post is part of the 30 Day No Spend Challenge

Day 5 – Double your meals

You might have seen the concept of putting aside one day per month to cook an entire month’s worth of meals, known as once a month cooking.  It’s a great idea, aside from the large amount of freezer space a month’s worth of food would need, and the amount of effort involved in cooking 30 meals in just one day, it just doesn’t suit everyone’s lifestyles and can be daunting at first.  I use a better method of cooking ahead, and it barely takes any extra time or effort on top of your regular meal preparation.


It works like this; when you cook your nightly dinner, cook double the amount you will be eating that night.  You can then either eat the remaining half the next night, or freeze it for a night when you don’t feel like cooking.  Of course this method isn’t suitable for every meal, but if you are already cooking something that freezes well it worth doubling the recipe.


Cooking double batches will save you money in a few ways.  It means you have a good reason to buy ingredients in bulk, potentially making the per unit price of each ingredient cheaper.  You will save money on your energy bills, as cooking less often (on those nights when you eat the second half of the meal) will reduce you gas or electricity usage.  Freezing the extras will also reduce the temptation to get takeaway on those days you really can’t be bothered cooking.


Next time you sit down to write your meal plan, pick out any freezer friendly meals and double the ingredients on your shopping list.  Freeze half of those meals in freezer safe containers and you will have a stash of meals for those busy days in no time at all.


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