Day 25 – Find free money

Day 25 of the 30 DAY NO SPEND CHALLENGE - Find free money


Day 25 – Find free money


If you have ever thought that a little extra cash might be handy, you will probably be surprised to know there could be cash lurking around the house, just waiting to be found.  I’m on a mission to pay off my mortgage as soon as possible, so once in a while I search around the house and gather up any money laying around, and take it to the bank to deposit straight into the mortgage.  After all, every dollar helps.


Hunt for money at home

Going on a money hunt around the house is a great game to get the kids involved with.  Search every area of the house that money have have been put, like the laundry, cupboards, and even the car.  Gather is all up ready to take to the bank.  Most banks make it much easier to deposit large amounts of change these days; my local bank has an automatic counting machine that you just tip your coins in to, and it total them up and spits out a receipt to take to the teller.


Search for gift cards and cheques

Have a look through your purse and anywhere else you might keep gift cards.  If you find any, take a quick look online (the details will be on the back of the card) to see if there is a balance remaining.  You might have a surprising amount of money sitting on gift cards that could cover your next shopping trip.  Cheques are also something that can easily be pushed aside to be dealt with later, and then end up completely forgotten about.  Take a look around the house for any cheques and take them to the bank along with your coins.


Earn free cash and rewards

It is possible to earn free money or rewards simply by completing online surveys or providing information about your purchases.  An example of this is Aztec, who ask that you scan your shopping, participate in surveys and earn rewards in return.  Another similar program is Nielsen Homescan.


Find missing bank accounts

If you have had a few banks accounts with different banks over the years it’s possible that you may have money in an account that you have completely forgotten about.  Have a look through your bank statements and check for any accounts that have been untouched in a while but still have a balance.  It’s also just as easy to forget about your superannuation when you change jobs and open new super funds.  We have written an article about finding lost super here.


Want more?  Take a look at Day 24 of the 30 Day no Spend Challenge.

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