Day 19 – Create a cleaning schedule

CREATE A CLEANING SCHEDULE and save tome (and your sanity) with these free cleaning schedule printables


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Day 19 – Create a cleaning schedule


It can be hard to keep on top of cleaning the house, especially when there are kids in the house.  It feels like you just clean the house, and before you know it, it looks as though it hasn’t been cleaned in a month.  Once you admit to yourself that the house will never be spotless with kids around (admitting this is the only way to stay sane), I find creating a cleaning schedule that breaks down cleaning tasks into days to work well.  Rather than say do a big clean once or twice a week, I will just do a few things per day, and repeat the cycle each week.  This helps the house stay much tidier, and is so much easier on your part too.


As well as the bigger weekly tasks, there are also some things I do every day.  For example, I make beds, quickly put away anything that isn’t where it should be, and try to always make a point of unloading the dishwasher as soon as it’s finished, ready to load it again with dirty dishes.  We have a 2-drawer dishdrawer so being able to immediately put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, even if the other drawer is already running, helps the kitchen stay so much tidier.


I have created 2 cleaning schedule printables for you to download and stick somewhere handy; both a prefilled version and a blank version.  You can either follow the schedule I have created, or print off the blank version and write your own.


How often you need to do certain cleaning tasks will depend on your family and house, so feel free to change it around as needed.  For example, some people might only need to vacuum once or twice per week, but for me it’s pretty much an everyday thing, thanks to young kids.  Some might need to do a load of washing every day, whereas I tend to do around 3-4 loads per week, depending on the time of year.


Once you are happy with your schedule, put it up somewhere handy and easy to see.  The bonus of having the schedule somewhere visible is that everyone in the house can see what needs to be done on what days.  Hopefully less time will be spent cleaning, and more time will be spent having fun!


Use this CLEANING SCHEDULE PRINTABLE to spend less time cleaning, and more time doing the things you actually want


Creating a cleaning schedule to suit you family with this BLANK CLEANING SCHEDULE PRINTABLE and save time, not to mention your sanity




You can download the the prefilled cleaning schedule here, and the blank cleaning schedule here.


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