Day 14 – No Spend Challenge week 2 summary

Day 14 of the 30 Day No Spend Challenge - Week 2 summary

This post is part of the 30 Day No Spend Challenge

Day 14 – No Spend Challenge week 2 summary


So here we are at the end of week 2, almost halfway through the no spend challenge.  How have you been going so far?  My only to expenses over these past 2 weeks have been groceries and petrol, both essentials for us.  We don’t have massive stockpiles of food in our pantry so we have needed to grocery shop, but at the same time we have been making an effort to use up the things we do have first.  We have cleared out our freezer by using the meat we already had, and just buying groceries to supplement it.  Our spending is way down on a typical month, and that means a nice little saving boost!


This past week has focussed on doing the things you already do, but for free.  It’s amazing the alternatives to spending that are out there when you look around.  It’s summer here in Australia so hopefully you have been enjoying nice trips to the park or beach when the weather isn’t too hot.  There is nothing better than a beach picnic at the end of a hot summers day.


If you haven’t already I strongly encourage you to check out your library, most libraries have amazing services these days, with items available to borrow that could mean you never need to buy another book, magazine, DVD or CD again.  If you live in Australia, be sure to also check out our list of birthday freebies before your next birthday, or search Pinterest if you are overseas.


The third week of the challenge we will be decluttering, getting things organised and having a big selling session of anything you no longer need.  Decluttering the house has a surprising way of encouraging you to spend less money, while also reducing the amount of cleaning you have to do, no to mention the bonus influx of money from selling your unwanted items.


Before we get started on the next week’s challenges, here are the previous 2 weeks worth of daily challenges, in case you missed any:


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Day 6 – Cut your grocery bill in half

Day 8 – Find free family activities

Day 9 – Make do with what you have

Day 10 – Stop paying for books, magazines, music and movies

Day 11 – Socaialise on a budget

Day 12 – Avoid impulse spending

Day 13 – DIY at home beauty


Want more?  Take a look at Day 13 of the 30 Day no Spend Challenge.

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