Day 10 – Stop paying for books, magazines, music and movies

Day 10 of the 30 Day No Spend Challenge - Stop paying for books, magazines, music and movies www.bargainmums.com.au


This post is part of the 30 Day No Spend Challenge


Day 10 – Stop paying for books, magazines, music and movies


When you are saving money it might seem like staying home with a good book or movie is the frugal option, but there are ways to save money on that too.  In fact, you don’t need to be paying for books, magazines, music or movies at all.  Libraries have been mentioned once or twice so far in this challenge, but that’s because they really are the most underrated place to go for entertainment.


If you haven’t visited your local library in recent years, libraries have changed, and for the better.  Libraries no longer just offer books, but also a huge range of magazine titles, the latest music CD’s and movie and tv show DVD’s, as well as ebooks.


The best way to save money using the library is to treat it as your own personal collection.  Once you sign up (which is free), you can put items on hold.  If a book, DVD or something else you want is out (which happens to popular items, many even have a waiting list), you can log into the libraries online catalogue and put a hold on it.  Once your name is on top of the list you just head to the library to collect it.  Here in Adelaide (and it’s probably the case for other cities too) all libraries have joined together as one collective library to share items, which means that the item you put on hold could come from any library in the city.  The bonus is this means you can get items quicker, as well as items your library doesn’t own but a neighbouring library does.


This is how I use my library.  If there is a new release book (usually a cookbook) that I want to read, I put it on hold immediately.  If it’s a new release, chances are it’s going to be popular so it’s best to get in first.  If there is a movie just released on DVD I borrow it from my library.  Why buy a new release movie to only watch it a handful of times a year at most?  I do exactly the same with CDs.  When it comes to magazines, my library has a fantastic new system that allows you to read and download the latest magazines (and there is a massive range) to your tablet.  You can even elect to be notified by email as soon as the latest issue of your favourite magazine is released.  The magazines then stay on your tablet until you delete them, which means you can download the magazines and then read them at another time, even if you are somewhere without internet access.   You can still of course borrow physical copies, but I love the digital versions just as much.


Using your library will save you huge amounts of money if you regularly buy books, magazines, DVDs and CDs, and the bonus is it also cuts down on clutter around the house, it’s a win-win.


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