D-Link WiFi Baby Camera Junior Review

D-Link WiFi Baby Camera Jr review


Baby monitors are something most of us use these days, but the D-Link WiFi Baby Camera Junior is very hi tech compared to the monitor we purchased for my first baby 4 years ago, so I was really looking forward to this review.  With our second baby we had been using our old monitor once again, which was a fairly simple monitor with sounds only (no camera), and a few other features like music and a room temperature display.  For this reason I was really looking forward to trying a baby monitor with a camera.


The WiFi Baby Camera as the name suggests is a camera that works using your home WiFi network.  You use your phone or tablet as the receiver of the monitor, which is great because it means if one parent is out they can still keep an eye on the baby.  It features a range of lullaby built into the camera or you can even use any music already stored on your phone.  The camera keeps track of any movements your baby makes, and also features two way audio so you can talk to your baby through the monitor.  You can even take pictures or videos using the camera and save them to your phone or tablet.


The camera was fairly easy to set up, you just plug the camera into a power point, and either sit it on a table or wall mount it using the screws provided.  The camera can swivel around to help you point it toward the cot.  You then download the app to your phone or tablet and link your device to the camera by following the instructions.  The monitor can also be used when on holidays without a separate router, which is perfect for us given we travel as a family a few times each year.


I was amazed at the quality of the camera, the picture coming through the camera was extremely clear, even at night time (the picture is colour during the day and black and white at night).  Overall, I thought this was a fantastic alternative to a traditional baby monitor.  We all keep our phones and tablets close by these days, so it makes sense to use them to keep an eye on your sleeping baby.


The D-Link Baby Camera Junior retails for $129.95AU, and can be purchased directly from the D-Link online store.


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