Costco Comparison 2

Costco Price Comparison


Since our first Costco price comparison with Coles and Woolworths was so popular, I have put together this Costco Comparison 2 based on my second shopping trip to the Adelaide Costco store.  This compares not only compares prices with those in the major supermarkets, but also gives you an insight into Costco prices and product ranges if you are considering becoming a member.  This shopping trip wasn’t quite as big as the first, and a few of the items purchased are clothing which obviously can’t be compared with the major supermarkets, so I will add these prices after the comparison.  The items below will be compared with the exact same brand where possible, otherwise I will choose a brand of similar quality to compare against, since even Costco’s own Kirkland Signature brand is excellent quality.


Jalna Vanilla Yoghourt 2kg – $8.69

The Costco unit price is $4.35/kg, while Coles is $7.10/kg and Woolworths is $7.50/kg


Kirkland Maple Syrup 1 Litre – $18.49

The Costco unit price is $18.49/L, Coles (Queen brand) is $39.40/L, and Woolworths  (Queen brand) is $36.00/L


Kirkland Frozen Pineapple Chunks 1.81kg – $9.99

This is not an items either Coles or Woolworths stock so it’s not really something I can compare.  This will be added into the Coles and Woolworths total prices to keep the comparison equal.


Always Fresh White Vinegar 5 Litre – $2.69

The Costco unit price is $0.54/L, while Coles (Vine Valley brand) is $1.70/L and Woolworths (Vine Valley brand) is $3.60/L

Devondale Long Life Full Cream Milk 1L x 10 – $9.49

This price has been reduced since my last visit.  The Costco price works out to $0.95/L, Coles is $1.00/L (on sale) and Woolworths is also $1.00/L


Costco Total = $49.35

Coles Total = $82.09 ($32.74 more than Costco)

Woolworths Total = $88.99 ($39.64 more than Costco)


Once again, the price differences are huge, with Costco now beating the Coles and Woolworths price on Devondale long life milk.  As was done in the previous Costco comparison, prices are taken from the Coles and Woolworths online stores, and sale prices are used (and noted above) where applicable.  As promised, here are the clothing items I purchased:


Lee Supatube Womens Jeans – $24.99 (rrp on tag $149.99)

Kirkland Signature girls leggings 2 pk (these are fantastic quality) – $12.49

Carters girls gold glitter ballet flat shoes – $14.99


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