Chocolate Lego

Chocolate Lego

Who doesn’t love Lego?  It would definitely have to be on of the most popular toys of all times.  Whether you are throwing a Lego themed party, or just feel like treating your Lego obsessed children, these Chocolate Lego are so much fun.  Not only that, but they are also extremely easy to make.  We used silicone Lego brick moulds from eBay, which are not only great for chocolate, but also work well with jelly, fondant when decorating cakes, and even home made gummy lollies.

To get started, you will need:

  • At least one Lego mould.
  • Dark, milk or white chocolate, depending on the colour you will be making.  The amount you need will depend on how many Lego bricks you require.
  • Chocolate food colour powder, if you will be colouring white chocolate.

When colouring white chocolate, it’s extremely important that you use chocolate food colouring powder rather than the liquid food colouring found on supermarket shelves.  The liquid version if water based, and when melted chocolate comes into contact with water it seizes up and becomes like a thick paste, making it impossible to work with.  The powder version is designed to work with chocolate and is oil based, so it’s colours white chocolate perfectly without causing any difference to the consistency of the melted chocolate.

Chocolate Lego Bricks

To make the chocolate lego:

  • Melt the chocolate according to packet directions.  I melt mine in short bursts in the microwave.  If you are colouring your chocolate, add the colour powder a soon as the chocolate is fully melted.  Stir well, crushing any lumps of powder with the back of a clean, dry metal spoon.
  • Carefully spoon the melted chocolate into the brick cavities if the mould.  Gently bang the mould on a hard surface to allow any air bubbles in the chocolate to rise to the surface and burst.  This will also give you a nice smooth top (which will actually be the bottom) on each brick.
  • Place the mould in the fridge and leave until the chocolate is completely set.
  • Once the chocolate has set, gently pop the chocolate bricks out of the mould.  Serve the chocolate Lego bricks as they are, or use to decorate a birthday cake or cupcakes.

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