Chocolate Gems

 Chocolate Gems


These pretty, mini m&m filled chocolate gems are so much easier to make than they look.  We used this chocolate gem mould from ebay to create the gems.  We used white chocolate which we coloured using powdered chocolate food colouring, but you could also use ordinary milk or dark chocolate, or even pre-coloured candy melts.  We used mini m&ms in our gems, but you could any mini lollies, such as mini jelly beans or mini marshmallows.


To make these chocolate gems:


  1. Melt your white chocolate according to the instructions on the packet.  The amount you will need depends on how many gems you will be making.
  2. Pour enough melted chocolate into each mould to cover each cavity in a thin layer.  Tip the mould upside down to allow any excess chocolate to pour out.  Place the mould in the fridge for a few minutes, until the chocolate sets.
  3. Fill each cavity with mini m&ms.  Cover the m&ms with a layer of melted chocolate, covering the m&ms and meeting the chocolate sides of each gem.  This layer will form the bottom of the gems.
  4. Place the mould in the fridge once again to set.  Once chocolate has set completely, remove the gems from the mould.  We find it easiest to gently pull once side of each cavity away from the chocolate, and then pop the gems out of the cavity.

Chocolate Gems Mould


Your gems are now ready to serve.  You might want to let the recipients of you gems know that they are filled with a candy surprise.  If you still want the effect of the gems without filling them with the m&ms, you could instead make solid gems by filling each cavity completely with melted chocolat.  Tap the mould lightly on a hard surface to release any air bubbles, and the refrigerate until set.


These moulds also make great chocolate coated cake pops.  Follow the above instructions, but instead of filling the gems with m&ms, fill with cake pop mixture.  Once you have topped the mixture with a layer of melted chocolate, stick a cake pop stick in each cavity before setting in the fridge.


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