Chill Factor Jelly Maker review

Chill Factor Jelly Maker Review


After it taking two attempts to get the Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker to work, I thought I would make a start on my Chill Factor Jelly Maker review.  This works much the same as the ice cream version.  You take it all apart, give it a clean, and then pop the squishy section in the freezer, preferably overnight.


You can tell when the jelly maker is completely frozen, it will feel like very fine, crunchy ice inside when you squish it.  Once it is frozen, you make up your jelly mixture.  I used traditional jelly (there are also instructions included for quick set jelly).  When using traditional jelly crystals, you basically make a double strength mixture using the entire packet of crystals and half the amount of water indicated on the packet.  Next, pour the mixture into the jelly maker, screw on the lid and start squeezing.  It took a few minutes for me, but the mixture slowly turned from liquid to jelly.  When it has almost done, you flip the jelly maker onto it’s lid, so that the jelly falls into the lid, which becomes the bowl.  After a few minutes of sitting, unscrew the squishy section and the jelly is set and ready to eat.


I was really impressed by how well this jelly maker worked.  Consider it would usually take hours for jelly to set and be ready to eat, it’s a real novelty to make jelly in only a matter of minutes.  The jelly maker came packed with instructions (very handy seeing as you need to know how to pull it apart for cleaning), and a spoon.


The Chill Factor Jelly Maker retails for $14.99, and is available from Big W.


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