Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker review

Chill Factor Ice Cream Maker Review


Every time I see the Chill Factor Slushie Makers in Big W I wonder if they actually work, but I have never tried one.  Chill Factor have now added and Ice Cream Maker to their range, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to review it.  The ice cream maker comes in the shape of an ice cream cone, which really does make it look fun to use.  Also in the box was a long handled ice cream scoop which also doubles as a straw for those time when the ice cream melts (such a fantastic idea), plus  little booklet containing recipes to try in your ice cream maker.  An instruction booklet is also included showing how take it apart and put it back together for cleaning.  The hard plastic parts can be cleaned in the dishwasher which I loved, while the soft cone outside and insert need to be hand washed.


I first put the ice cream maker in the freezer overnight as the instructions mention, and then tried my first batch of ice cream the next day. I followed the vanilla ice cream recipe, however switched the 2 tablespoons of vanilla to 2 teaspoons, any more than this would be too much!  I followed the instruction but the mixture stayed liquid, despite me squeezing the maker for a fair few minutes.


I wanted to give it another shot before writing it off, so I cleaned it and put it back in the freezer, for a full 24 hours this time.  My second batch was cookies & cream flavoured, made with 100ml cream and 2 crushed up Oreo biscuits.  This time, my ice cream was ready in less than 1 minute, so I highly recommend freezing your ice cream maker for a full 24 hours before using, but this will obviously depend on how cold your freezer is.  The recipes only make a small amount, all containing around 100ml of liquid, but it’s the perfect serving size for one person.  It’s perfect for kids, they will love the novelty of being able to make their own ice cream, and coming up with different flavours.  You can really add anything in you like, and there are also recipes for sorbet included, which I plan on trying next.


The Chill Factor ice cream maker would be the perfect stocking filler for Christmas, and it’s probably worth getting one per kid, I guarantee they will each want their own.  It’s available from Big W or the Chill Factor online store, and retails for $16.95.


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