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These Caramilk recipes are sure to please any Caramilk fan.

Caramilk Lamingtons

These Caramilk lamingtons are a twist on the favourite Australian dessert. For those not familiar with lamingtons, they are basically a sponge cake cut into pieces, dipped in chocolate icing and coated in desiccated coconut. These Caramilk lamingtons start with a sponge cake with chunks of Caramilk chocolate mixed through. They are then dipped in …

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No Churn Caramilk Ice Cream

This no churn Caramilk ice cream is amazing. It’s so quick and easy to make, and only requires 4 ingredients. It’s the perfect frozen Caramilk dessert. If you don’t have any Caramilk chocolate on hand, I have shared how to make your very own homemade Caramilk chocolate here. Otherwise, simple substitute the Caramilk in the …

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Caramilk Cheesecake

What’s even better than a cheesecake? A Caramilk cheesecake! The caramelised flavours of Caramilk chocolate work so well with cream cheese, giving this cheesecake an amazing caramelised white chocolate taste. If, like me, you are struggling to get your hands on even a single block of Caramilk chocolate right now, this recipe is for you. …

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