Budget friendly alternatives to the Thermomix

Budget friendly alternatives to the Thermomix



Want a Thermomix but can’t justify the massive outlay?  Then these alternatives to the Thermomix are for you.  There are alternatives here to suit all price points, no matter what your budget.



All in one kitchen machines have been rising quickly in popularity over the last few years thanks to the Thermomix.  While the Thermomix is still as popular as ever, it’s high price tag means it’s out of reach for many.  



Luckily there are a range of all in one appliances claiming to do what the Thermomix does, some for a fraction of the price.  We have put together these budget friendly alternatives to the Thermomix into one handy guide that guarantees to have a machine in your price range, ranked in order of cheapest to most expensive.



Want a Thermomix but can't justify the large cost? Then one of these budget friendly alternatives to the Thermomix might be for you



Top 5 Thermomix alternatives


  1. Optimum ThermoCook 20 in 1
  2. Kogan ThermoBlend All-In-One Food Processor and Cooker
  3. New Wave NWKA Thermochef Natura 2
  4. Bellini Supercook
  5. Tefal Cuisine Companion
  6. KitchenAid Cook Processor



Optimum ThermoCook 20 in 1 – $689


The Optimum ThermoCook comes with a 2 litre stainless steel jug, a lower 2.6 litre steamer and a upper 3 litre steamer.  It also comes with the standard thermo machine attachments, along with a set of glass scales.  All of the non-electrical parts are suitable for dishwashing, which is always a great bonus.


It has 20 preset functions (including slow cooking), along with a DIY function to allow you to customise  your favourite recipes.  



Kogan ThermoBlend Pro All-In-One Food Processor & Cooker – $229 (reduced from $380)


The ThermoBlend contains the features of 8 appliances in 1 machine with 10 speeds.  The parts are dishwasher safe, which is always a huge bonus.  At an absolute fraction of the price of a Thermomix, it’s a great entry level machine if you want to give thermal cooking a try.


The Kogan ThermoBlend is the Thermomix alternative that I personally decided to go with.  It’s super budget friendly priced swayed me, but now that I have been using it for around the past 6 months, I highly recommend it.


The ThermoBlend does everything I need it to, and I have had no troubles whatsoever converting Thermomix recipes to suit my Thermoblend.



New Wave NWKA Thermochef Natura 2 – $329


The Thermochef doesn’t seem to have quite as many functions as the Thermomix.  For example it isn’t dishwasher safe whereas the Thermomix is, and the Thermomix will remember the setting you were using and where you were at if you stop to taste the food, while if you stop the Thermochef to taste test the food you will lose your settings.  There is a huge difference in price so it’s expected that the Thermochef won’t be on quite the same level, but it could still be a great alternative if the budget doesn’t quite stretch for the real thing.



Bellini Supercook – $699


The Supercook features 13 cooking functions, heats to 130c and has a full colour screen.  It comes with both a recipe book and an SD card housing recipes which you insert into the machine for step by step cooking.  You can also save recipes to the SD card that you have created yourself in manual mode, plus any recipe you download from the Yumi app.  The popular option seems to be buying a Bellini to see how they like the style of cooking before upgrading a year or two later to the Thermomix.  It’s currently only available at Target, and is rumoured to soon be exclusively stocked by Harris Scarfe.



BioChef My Cook  All in One Multi Function Cooker – $1299 (reduced from $1699)


Combines 10 machines into 1, has a 600W blade motor and 1000W heating motor.  It can steam, fry, mix, knead, grind, saute, blend, whip, crush, boil, whisk, braise, pulverise and shred, and has built in scales.



Tefal Cuisine Companion – $1699


Features a 2.5 litre capacity bowl, has 6 automatic programs and 5 attachments.  The Cuisine Companion comes with the ‘One Million Menus’ filled with recipes, plus there is an online Cuisine Companion Club to view and share recipes.



KitchenAid Cook Processor – $1999


There is next to no price difference between the KitchenAid Cook Processor and the Thermomix.    The KitchenAid has a large bowl at 4.5 litres, but the actual maximum fill rate is only 2.5 litres.  It features a range of functions including boiling, frying, steaming, stewing, making dough, chopping, mincing, pureeing, mixing, emulsifying, whipping and stirring.  The KitchenAid will look good sitting on your bench, but speaking from experience KitchenAid appliances aren’t always the best quality (of course aside from the trusty KitchenAid stand mixer, that machine is worth every cent).



Thermomix TM5 – $2089


The Thermomix is the original all in one machine and is still as popular as ever.  It features 12 appliances in 1 device, and is supported by a huge number of recipe sharing websites and online communities.  The Thermomix is still sold exclusively via in home demonstrations.




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