6 Bloggers who make 5 and 6 figures a month from their blogs


You probably assume that bloggers make a little income from their sites, but you might not know just how much some bloggers are making.


If you are not familiar with blogging, you probably assume that bloggers make a little income from their sites, but what you might not know is just how much income some bloggers are making.  Many bloggers are making 5 figures each and every month, with some even making into the 6 figures.  Some bloggers are making a LOT of money.


How do I know that some bloggers make THAT much money?  Aside from being a blogger myself, some bloggers publish income reports sharing their monthly income and expenses with their readers.  Since I don’t publish my own income reports, I have put together this list containing 8 of my favourite bloggers along with their latest published income reports.


These reports are fascinating to read, so if you want to know more I have included the link to bloggers most recent income report.  Just a note before you start reading this list; not all bloggers include their expenses, so to make it easier to compare I have included the gross income from each report, or in other words the income before expenses have been taken out.


These 3 bloggers make an impressive 5 figures from their blogs every month.


The Busy Budgeter – $32,469

The latest income report on The Busy Budgeter, who writes about family and personal finance,  outlines an income of $32469.19 for the month of October.  This was made up of income from sponsored posts, ad networks, affiliates and digital ebook sales.  Check out the October income report here.


Just a girl and her blog – $40,124

Abby from Just a girl and her blog reported an income of $40124 for the month of November.  Abby’s income reports are well worth reading because they outline exactly how she made money in each category, which income coming from sales of digital products and affiliates.  Check out the November income report here.


Pinch of Yum – $93,197

I have been following Pinch of Yum for a few years now, and their ebook ‘Tasty Food Photography‘ helped improve the photography of recipes I post on Bargain Mums massively.  Their latest November income report shows a total monthly income of $93197.34.  Check out the latest income report here.



Think bloggers can't earn a good income? Think again! It take's a massive amount of determination and hard work, but it can be done. Read these 6 income reports that will make you want to quit your job.


The 3 bloggers below report a massive 6 figure income each month.


Making Sense of Cents – $106,383

Michelle from Making Sense of Cents is one of my favourite bloggers, and she has a fantastic eCourse teaching bloggers how she makes $50,000 a month in affiliate income (check out the course here).  Her website is mostly focused on personal finance, but also features plenty of advice on blogging and making extra money, along with her very inspirational income reports.  Her latest income report was a very impressive $106383.89.  Check out the latest income report here.


Smart Passive Income – $132,179

These income reports from Pat Flynn might just have started the blogger income report trend.  Pat earns money through affiliates, software, apps and a range of niche sites.  The November income report has a total income of $132,179.75, before expenses.  Check out the latest income report here.


Melyssa Griffin – $140,779

Melyssa’s site is packed full with tips on blogging, entrepreneur tips and social media advice.  She makes money from both e-course sales and affiliate income, and made $140779 in November.  I thought it was also worth mentioning that the expenses on this income report are way bigger than those of any other blogger on this list, which brings her actual net profit down to $38667.  Check out the latest income report here.

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