Bills Money Saving Tips

Such a large amount of our money goes into paying bills of all types, so it’s a great area to save money.


  • Check if it’s costing you more to pay your bills, such as insurance, monthly rather than yearly.  There is often a premium added in for monthly payments, so it could be worth saving up and paying your bills in one yearly hit.


  • Shop around and get quotes every time your yearly insurance bill arrives, it’s a great opportunity to find a better deal, rather than just automatically paying your renewal.  Do the same regularly with phone, internet, electricity etc.  It’s even worth asking the provider you are already with i they can do a better deal.


  • When a bill arrives, make a note of the due date in your diary or on a calendar.  That way you can see at a glance what bills are coming due, and make sure they get paid by the due date, avoiding late payment fees.
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