How to be confident you are getting the best travel insurance deal

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Best travel insurance deal


It’s been repeated time and time again that getting travel insurance is essential when travelling, especially with kids in tow. But it can feel like a challenge to find the right policy for your family with so many options available.

One way to make getting family travel insurance simpler is knowing exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you’re going to a beach resort, going on a family cruise or taking your kids to explore Europe there are a number of qualities to keep your eye out for when you’re considering travel insurance.


The best deal

Have you found a travel insurance policy that covers your whole family for a price too good to be true? Before you purchase it, take the time to consider whether you’re really getting the best deal, or just the cheapest deal. Look further into how much cover you will actually get and what exclusions may apply. You might find that the cheapest option available doesn’t provide the cover your family needs and if it doesn’t, you might face unexpected costs should you experience an emergency while travelling.

Take a little time to research online to find a policy that gives you the best cover for the best price. Remember buying online rather than through an airline, cruise line or travel agent can cut costs significantly!

Purchasing a family travel insurance policy is often cheaper than buying a policy for each individual. Fast Cover, an Australian travel insurance company, covers up to ten dependent children for free! You might be surprised by the low cost of cover for your whole family.


The highest amount of medical cover

Some insurers offer unlimited medical cover and others cap the amount. It is easy to think unlimited medical cover is unnecessary, particularly if you’re going on a short trip or everyone in the family is incredibly healthy. But accidents and sicknesses can come out of the blue. In some countries including the United States and Canada, getting medical assistance can cost a small fortune. Getting a few stitches or antibiotics can cost hundreds of dollars. Getting surgery or repatriated back to Australia for a medical emergency can cost tens of thousands of dollars. With unlimited medical cover, you can have cover for the reimbursement of the cost of medical emergencies no matter how great that cost is.


Cover all pre-existing medical conditions

You may not think the medication you or your child takes regularly is much of an issue, especially if you haven’t experienced a problem since beginning the medication. But if you do experience a medical emergency related to the condition and you’re not covered, then you will have to foot the bill. Some insurers cover a range of pre-existing medical conditions automatically. Fast Cover automatically covers 43 pre-existing conditions including high blood pressure, coeliac disease, asthma and diabetes.


How to find the best travel insurance deals


Cancellation Cover.  Because who knows?

Someone in your family could get sick or injured before you go travelling and suddenly all travel plans are out the window. Travel insurance can provide cover for cancellations, meaning you can claim for deposits towards your trip. No one wants to lose hundreds of dollars for flights never taken or a cruise never experienced, so be sure to find travel insurance that provides cover for cancellation.


Cover for your iPhone, tablet or computer

Most insurers can offer cover for luggage with their policies, but be sure to check how much cover you would get for those precious electronic items you might be taking with you. The cost of some valuables might be over the limit of what your insurer could cover you for. For example, you might only have a thousand dollars cover for your phone or computer. If yours cost more or you’re taking multiple valuable items, be sure to get additional cover.


Cover for activities

If you or your kid cuts their hand on coral while snorkeling, gets injured falling off a bike or breaks a bone in a tobogganing accident, they might not be covered for medical expenses. Insurers may provide covers for various activities automatically, but you might need to pay an additional cost for other activities that are more adventurous, such as skiing, snowboarding and abseiling.


Assistance wherever you travel

One of the most reassuring aspects of travel insurance is knowing you can get help wherever you are. Find an insurer that offers emergency assistance for your destination. It’s also a good idea to search the internet to find out how the company has helped travellers before.


Family travel can lead to some of the best memories with the people you care about most. With quality travel insurance you can rest assured your insurance can provide cover for the emergencies you and your family could run into on your trip.

Now you know what to look for, you can be sure you are getting the best deal with the policy you purchase!


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