Best Australian Cash Back Reward Apps and Sites 2023

Cash back reward apps are the best way to get rewarded for purchases you are already making. Not using them is like leaving money on the table. Simply make your purchases as usual, and the money will be credited to your cash back account.

Using cash back sites alongside survey sites is a great way to earn a little extra income with little effort.

Best Australian Cash Back Reward Apps and Sites


Cashrewards have some great reward percentages, and are one of my top picks. They have a great browser extension which will notify you when the website you are visiting offers a cashback, maximising your rewards. Simply press the activate button and shop as per usual.

At the time of writing this, Cashrewards are offering a $25 reward if you make a qualifying purchase of $20 or more within 14 days of signing up. They are basically paying you to sign up! This is the biggest sign up bonus I have come across.

Sign up for Cashrewards and claim the $25 reward here.


Shopback is another cashback site that I really like using! They offer some great reward bonuses, so it’s worth checking their site often for the latest deals. They also offer a browser extension, so you won’t miss any rewards.

Shopback are currently offering a $10 bonus when you make a qualifying spend of at least $20.

Sign up for Shopback and claim the $10 reward here.


Similar to Cashrewards and Shopback, Kickback will give you a $5 reward when you make yourfirst qualifying purchase of at least $20. This offer is not quite as generous as some of the other, but it’s better than nothing.

Sign up to Kickback and claim the $5 reward here.


Honey is yet another great cash rewards site, with both an app and a browser extension to ensure you don’t miss any rewards. The only downside is that at the time of writing, Honey are not offering any sign up bonuses.

Sign up for Honey here.

Tips for earning more and maximising your cashbacks

  • Use cashback sites when making big purchases. While it’s worth always using these sites, because small amounts collectively add up to big amounts, using a cashback site when making a big purchase could give you a decent chunk of money back.
  • Don’t forget these apps when it comes to travel. There are cashbacks available for flights, hotels, carhire and even attractions. More cashbacks equals more spending money on your trip.
  • Check the sites regularly for bonus deals. The cashback sites will have a standard percentage or fixed dollar reward amount for each retailer, but will often offer bonus higher percentages.
  • Use the browser extensions. These extensions are designed to notify you as soon as you visit a retailer where a cash reward is offered. Simply click the activate button and shop as normal.
  • Compare cashback sites for the best rewards. The percentage cashbacks may differ between cashback sites, so check each site before making your purchase to see who is going to offer you the most money back.
  • Make use of those sign up bonuses. Sign up for each of the cashback sites, and make a purchase through each one to claim the sign up bonus.

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