Berry Yoghurt Ice Blocks

Berry yoghurt Ice Blocks

There are a lot of ice blocks available in the supermarkets, but not many of them are particularly healthy.  These Berry Yoghurt Ice Blocks are perfect for kids, they are healthy, easy to make containing only 2 ingredients, and you know exactly what’s in them.  We used blueberries for half our  mixture, and raspberries for the other half, but you can use any fruits that team well with yoghurt, both fresh or frozen.  Other fruits that work well include mango, strawberries and bananas.  Any yoghurt works well in these ice blocks, either plain or flavoured; I used Jalna vanilla flavoured yoghurt (cheapest in 2kg containers from Costco).  You can also use any ice block makers/moulds, we used these Silicone Ice Pop Moulds from eBay.


  • 1 cup yoghurt (plain or flavoured)
  • 1/2 cup berries or other fruit (fresh or frozen)


Putting it together

  • Use a stick mixer or blender to mix the berries and yoghurt together until well combined.
  • Pour the mixture into the ice block moulds and freeze overnight.



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