Bargain Mums Blog Income Report – May

Find out how I made $500.17 blogging last month through affiliate marketing.


This income report is extremely late, since its actually July now!  May was another busy month, with a 4 month old baby, and a trip to the Gold Coast.  It was another very passive month without too much effort on my behalf.  I just kept my website ticking along by sharing any great sales I came across, and that’s about it.  I did however start a series, ‘Gold Coast on a budget’.  I have so far posted two parts to this series, which you can find here and here.  More on series of posts below this months income breakdown.

May Income – $500.17


DGM – $399

Adsense – $21.02

JackMedia – $22.95

Ticket Mates – $6.60

INC Network – $50.60


Blog Post Series


There are a few reason why writing a series of posts, as opposed to one big blog post on a topic, are a great idea.  First of all, they can increase your page view per visit average, by encouraging readers to click through to the next post in a series.  Including links to the previous and next posts in a series will help readers navigate between the posts.


If you have lots to say about a certain topic, it can be easier for readers to read the content if it is divided up between several posts, rather than one huge post, which could cause readers to lose interest part way through the post.  While not all topics are suitable to be broken up between numerous posts, if your topic includes several main points, you could use the points as the sub-topic for each individual blog post.


Once you have your series all written out, you could even use it as the content for a free e-book or series of emails which email subscribers can access when they sign up to your email list.

If you are interested in starting a blog, take a look at my tutorial how to start a blog.  Starting a blog is extremely budget friendly; get hosting for only $3.95/month plus a free domain name when you click through this Siteground link.

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