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Bargain Mums Blog Income Report – June

Find out how I made over $4000 last month blogging in my blog income report, with most of the income being made through affiliate marketing


June was a huge month for Bargain Mums, with my monthly blog income reaching a record $4000!  The main reason for the huge increase in income?  The annual toy sales?  I receive affiliate income for some of the major Australian department stores, meaning I get a small percentage of sales each time someone purchases from an online store via a link on my site, and sent a massive $90,000 worth of sales through to Big W this month.  I have listed a breakdown of June’s income below:


June Income – $4065.73


DGM – $3837.63

Adsense – $60.30

JackMedia – $141

Ticket Mates – $13.20

INC Network – $13.60


Blog Images


My main focus this month has been improving the images on my website, to help give my site a more professional look.  I purchased the Tasty Food Photography ebook from Pinch Of Yum, and it is fantastic.  Since a large portion of the posts on Bargain Mums are food related, I decided improving photos that accompany recipe posts would be a great first step.  I already feel like my photography has increased significantly in quality.  I’m also in the beginning stages on my first recipe ebook, so I now feel confidant enough to take my own photos for the book.


Even though my laptop cam with Photoshop pre-installed, I have never been able to make enough sense of it to edit any photos.  The Tasty Food Photography ebook has a large (and very helpful) section on editing photos using Photoshop (or Lightroom is that’s your preferred photo editing software), so I’m now even starting to do basic edits on my photos before posting them.  Check out my favourite so far, the photo I took for my 4 Ingredient Nutella Cookies here.


Image size


I feel a bit silly for not knowing this, but it’s very important that any images you post on your website are optimized for the web.  Photos uploaded straight off my camera are huge, and at times were taking a bit of time to load on my site.  Thanks to the Tasty Food Photography ebook, I now know to use Photoshop to save images for web, which means they file size of each photo is now perfect for my website.  This will help improve the load time of my website, so I need to get busy editing existing images on my site.



What an amazing month it has been, especially since I spent 10 days of it overseas with limited internet access.  Let’s hope July continues to be just as successful.  It feels so good to see my hard work start to pay off!

These 4 Ingredient Nutella Cookies are so quick and easy to make, then all they need is 12 minutes baking time and they are ready to devour. They are so soft and chewy, and have that addictive Nutella taste.
4 Ingredient Nutella Cookies
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