Are Chrisco hampers worth the money?

Are Chrisco hampers worth the money? We compare their prices with the cost of buying the same items from the supermarket, and the result might surprise you.


I have personally never purchased Chrisco hampers, or any other Christmas hampers for that matter, but I have always wondered how they compare price wise to purchasing the items individually from the supermarket, are Chrisco hampers worth the money?  With the toy sales starting and people’s thoughts starting to turn toward Christmas (it’s so early still, I know), I thought I would sit down and compare the price of a Chrisco hamper with prices for the same items from Woolworths.



I used Wooloworths online to compare prices, and while most of the items from the hamper are available from Woolworths, a few were different sized packages, or a particular brand was not available, so I have substituted a few items with like items, and noted it in my comparison.  Any items that were on special this week are market with an *.


Item                                                                            Size                                        Cost from Woolworths

Allen’s Family Size Party Mix                               1 x 480g                                 $4.99 for a 500g pack

*Arnott’s Assorted Creams                                     2 x 500g                                $6 for 2

*Arnott’s Family Assorted                                      2 x 500g                                $6 for 2

*Arnott’s Jatz Original                                            1 x 225g                                 $2

*Cadbury Favourites                                               1 x 300g                                 $6

*Cottee’s Cordial Lime Coola                                1 x 1 Litre                               $2.39

*Cottee’s Cordial Orange                                       1 x 1 Litre                               $2.39

*Cottee’s Cordial Raspberry                                 1 x 1 Litre                               $2.39

Cottee’s Strawberry Jam                                      1 x 500g                                 $3.35

Cottee’s Topping Thick & Rich Choc                 1 x 615g                                  $3.52

CSR Maple Syrup                                                  1 x 530g                                  $6.14 – Substituted with 2 x 375g Green’s Maple Syrup

CSR Pour & Store White Sugar                           2 x 1.75kg                               $5.54 – Substituted with 2 x CSR White Sugar 2kg

Foster Clark’s Custard Smooth & Creamy        1 x 1 Litre                                $2.99

Fountain Squeeze BBQ Sauce                            1 x 500ml                                $2.29

Fountain Squeeze Tomato Sauce                      1 x 500ml                                $2.29

Fountain Tomato Sauce                                      1 x 4 Litre                                $4.99 – Substituted with 2 x 2 Litre

Goulburn Valley Fruit Salad in Juice                1 x 1kg                                      $7.98 – Substituted with 2 x 700g

Goulburn Valley Peach Slices in Juice              1 x 1kg                                      $7.98 – Substituted with 2 x 700g

*Green’s Pancake Shake                                       2 x 375g                                   $5 for 2

Heinz Baked Beans Tomato Sauce                    2 x 420g                                  $3.90 for 2

Heinz Spaghetti Tomato Sauce                          2 x 420g                                  $3.90 for 2

*John West Tuna in Brine                                   3 x 425g                                   $14.67 for 3

Kellogg’s Coco Pops                                              1 x 375g                                    $4.99

Kellogg’s Cornflakes                                            1 x 220g                                   $2.54

Kellogg’s Nurti-Grain                                          1 x 290g                                   $4.58

Kraft Peanut Butter Smooth                               1 x 375g                                    $4.59

*Kraft Vegemite                                                     1 x 400g                                   $5.31

*Leggo’s Bolognese Chunky Pasta Sauce         2 x 575g                                    $5 for 2

* Lipton Black Tea Bags                                      2 x 200pk                                 $14 for 2

*Maggi 2 Minute Noodles Beef                          1 x 5pk                                       $3.50

*Maggi 2 Minute Noodles Chicken                   1 x 5pk                                       $3.50

Nescafe Blend 43 Coffee                                    2 x 500g                                     $39.98 for 2

Nestle Milo                                                           1 x 750g                                      $9.59

NY Chef Black Peppercorn Grinder                1 x 50g                                        $3.48 – Substituted with Woolworths 50g Pepper Grinder

NY Chef Sea Salt Grinder                                  1 x 110g                                      $3.48 – Substituted with Woolworths 90g Salt Grinder

NY Chef White Long Grain Rice                      3 x 2kg                                       $12 for 3 – Substituted with Sunrice

*Pringles Original                                                2 x 161g                                     $5 for 2 – Substituted with Pringles 2 x 150g

*Pringles salt & Vinegar                                     1 x 161g                                      Included with below Pringles

*Pringles Sour Cream                                         1 x 161g                                      $5 for 2 – Substituted with Pringles 150g

S&W Egg Mayonnaise                                        1 x 440g                                    $5.20

San Remo Penne                                                 4 x 500g                                    $9.80 for 4

San Remo Spaghetti                                            4 x 500g                                    $9.80 for 4

Sanitarium Weet-Bix                                          1 x 1kg                                        $4.15 – Substituted with 1.2kg pack

Saxa Table Salt                                                    1 x 750g                                     $2.89

Simply Pure Canola Oil                                     1 x 1 Litre                                   $8 – Substituted with Woolworths Select 2 Litre

Sistema Klip It 10 Pk                                         1 x 10pk                                      $19.73 – Substituted with 6pk

*The Greats 20 Mini Pieces                              1 x 310g                                      $12 – Substituted with Cadbury Favourites Mini Blocks 400g

Viva Twin Pack Paper Towel                           1 x 2pk                                        $3.49

Zito Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing               1 x 473ml                                    $5.98 – Substituted with 2 x 330ml Praise Dressing

Zito Thousand Island Dressing                      1 x 473ml                                    $5.58 – Substituted with 2 x 330ml Masterfoods Dressing


Total = $317.20


I choose to compare the Mega Pantry Filler Chrisco hamper, with a total cost of $468, made up with 52 weekly payments of $9.  So just by shopping for the same items from Woolworths on any given week, you can save a massive $150.80 on the price of a Chrisco hamper.  You could easily save even more, by purchasing items when they are 50% off, which most of the above items are on a regular basis.


Obviously, based on the above, it’s really not worth purchasing Christmas hampers. If the supermarkets mark up items to make a profit, how much are Chrisco marking up their items?  Even worse, the hampers are marketed at those that can least afford them.  One of the biggest benefits of Chrisco has always been avoiding the shops at the busiest time of the year by having the hamper delivered, but these days you can order from the supermarkets online and have your shopping delivered.  Plus, there is a good chance you won’t even use all of the items in the hamper. There are some alternatives to Christmas hampers, such as:


– Buy a few non perishable items each week, especially when they are half price, and store them away.  Once Christmas comes around, you will have your very own hamper ready to go, potentially at an absolute fraction of the Chrisco price.

– Buy a small supermarket gift card each week/fortnight/month and keep it aside, then use these gift cards to stock up at Christmas time.

– Open an online only savings account and transfer the money you would otherwise be spending on weekly Chrisco payments into the account.  This way, you will have saved up more than enough for Christmas shopping, plus you will be earning interest.



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  • Anna M

    Something I discovered from my Aussie Post parcel delivery guy is that Chrisco hampers are actually packaged overseas. From memory i think he said China but I might have that wrong and perhaps its India. Anyway…apparently what happens is that all of the products are sent to the overseas country and they then package up the hampers and they are labeled and sent back in containers and then delivered by parcel post. Said that it cant all be done here and offer aussies work but then I guess our wages would be too high so the cost of the hampers would go up even more.

    • Manda

      No they aren’t.

      • Anna M

        No they aren’t?
        Do you mean that they are packaged here?

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