Aldi comparison – Is it the cheapest supermarket

ALDI COMPARISON, is it the cheapest supermarket? See just how much I saved.


Aldi first opened it’s doors here in South Australia almost two month ago, and today I finally made my first trip the see what all the fuss is about.  There is still not a store close enough to me to warrant regular shopping (although it is in the very early stages of construction), so I made a trip to the Modbury store (for those who know SA).  After the stories I had heard about other recently opened stores with lengthy queues just to get in the store, I was amazed at just how quickly I was in and out.

Once of the first things I noticed was that there are some big differences between shopping at my local Coles and shopping at Aldi, which I will outline for other Aldi newbies below:


Take a coin for the trolley

Unlike other supermarkets, Aldi requires a $1 or $2 coin to use a trolley.  You do get this back when you return your trolley to the trolley bay, and means Aldi doesn’t need to employ someone to collect trolleys in the carpark.


Don’t expect too much choice

Many items that Aldi stocks are only available in one brand, in most cases Aldi’s own brands.  I found this lack of choice a good thing; it meant I didn’t have to spend time comparing unit priced between different brands and packaging sizes.


The checkout is fast

If you shop at Coles or Woolworths on a regular basis, there are no doubt occasions that you are waiting at the checkout for a good 10 minutes.  I didn’t find this to be the case at Aldi, the checkout operators are lighting fast, I couldn’t even get my shopping onto the checkout fast enough to keep up.


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Bring your own bags

Those of us in South Australia are used to taking our own bags shopping anyway, but for those interstate Aldi don’t supply plastic grocery bags, so you will need to bring your own.  The staff don’t pack your bags for you as they do in other supermarkets, you instead head to the bagging area to sort out your shopping (don’t attempt to do it at the checkout, but it’s not likely you would have the time anyway).  Otherwise, do as I did and pack your bags in the car as you load your shopping in.


There is a credit card surcharge

For those paying by credit card, which I always do (I put everything on a credit card and pay it off in full each month to collect frequent flyer points), there is a credit card surcharge.  It’s not huge, only 0.5%, but it’s something to be aware of.  If you prefer not to pay the surcharge be sure to bring enough cash.


Now for my comparison.  While the savings won’t apply to everyone because of different supermarket and brand preferences, not to mention location, below is the Aldi price compared with the price I usually pay for the alternate version from Coles (my regular supermarket) along with my total savings.


Aldi toddler 50pk of nappies for $10.99, my usual brand for the same amount of nappies is $18.75.

Aldi Powergrain cereal 560g for $3.29, while a 500g box of Nutrigrain from Coles is $6.92.

700g carton of eggs was $2.79 for one dozen, with the equivalent being $3.80.

1kg frozen chips for $1.89, which is $2 from Coles.

Aldi 500g packet of frozen broccoli is $2.19, while the Coles equivalent is $2.35.

A 250g packet of frozen spinach is the same price at Aldi as it is in Coles, $0.99, however the Coles version is a product of China while the Aldi version is a product of Belgium.

One bunch of celery was $0.99 from Aldi, or $1.50 from Coles.

A 1kg packet of dried sultanas is $3.99, while my local supermarket charges $4.95.

Bananas were only $1.49kg at Aldi, and $3.00kg at Coles, and I purchased 2kg.

Di-San stain remover is $1.39 from Aldi, while the Coles brand is $1.53.

Aldi’s dishwasher powder was $3.69 for 1kg, while my usual brand is $15.94 for the same size.

A continental cucumber was $0.79 at Aldi, or $0.90 at Coles.

A 500g packet of dried apricots is $4.99 at Aldi, while a 400g packet is $7.00 at Coles.

500g of pitted dates was $1.79 at Aldi, or $2 at Coles.

250ml of pure maple syrup was $5.69, while my usual is $6.93.

450g of rice bubbles was $2.29 at Aldi, while the competition was $5.49 for 410g.

500g of whole mushrooms was $3.49, or $5.50 at Coles.

A 650g loaf of multigrain bread was $1.49, while my usual is $1.50.

400g of chocolate hazelnut spread was $2.49, or $5.50 for the same size Nutella jar at Coles (not something I usually buy, but stay tuned for some more Nutella recipes I’m working on).

$1.89 for 75ml of roll on deodorant, my usual is $4.39 for only 50ml.

A 3L bottle of milk was $2.99, while I usually pay $3.

4x100g packet of honey ham was $4.69, while I usually pay $5.

$0.99 for a 1g bag of carrots, which are currently $1.00 at Coles.

1kg of white seedless grapes was $2.49, which are currently $3.50kg at my local supermarket.

A 500g packet of dried pasta was $0.89 at Aldi, and I usually pay $1.00 per packet.

A 1kg tub of yoghurt was $3.39, which I usually pay $4 for.

A 100 pack of tea bags was $1.79, and my usual is $5.28.

A 400ml tin of coconut cream was $0.89, I usually pay $0.99.

I purchased 2 tins of stock powder for $2.49 each, one I usually pay $3.96 and the other $4.06.

I bought 2 tins of diced tomatoes for $0.59 each, my usual are $0.72 each.

One 250ml tub of spreadable cream cheese was $2.49, usually I pay $2.75.


All up I saved a massive $55.03 on what I would pay for the equivalent products from Coles, and in some cases Aldi’s packaging sizes were bigger which would lead to even more savings.  I think it’s safe to say I’m now an Aldi convert, and can’t wait for a store to open closer to home to make it easier to regularly shop there.


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  • Sarah

    I have to disagree with a few of the findings. Being a Coles employee, and my hubby a Aldi SM. Apart from specials we never buy anything from Aldi, unless I forget to buy them from work. With the Powergrain, you can buy the Coles Brand for $3 but with that and the Aldi brand my kids would NOT even touch the stuff so can only buy the Nutrigrain, and when you buy on special (which I only do) you can get the 805g for $5. Teabags, you can get the coles brand for $1.50, or Liptons for $3.50. Still would only buy the Liptons. The pasta, if you buy the Coles brand (as we dont have smart buy anymore) is only .59c. So you can save there. Im sorry I just have to compare to your story and it really annoys me what Aldi does. In the brochures its always Coles name brands compared to theres, but not the Coles brand etc. I have tried a few Aldi items in the past, and to be honest I find what you pay for is what you get. I very rarely buy Coles brand items too. I just smart shop and buy on special. I just feel everyone is Cleanskin items with pretty labels. So if you went to Coles and brought the smart buy (cheapstuff) and compare to Aldi you to could save more money. Try it

    • Marina

      I have to say I agree with you Sarah. Reading through the comparisons, I saw it as an unfair comparison. I have used many Aldi products and they just don’t seem to come up to scratch – from washing powders, insecticide, food products etc.
      They are essentially – a store brand. I have someone close to me who buys Aldi – but when I mention the quality factor – he’s actually said he doesn’t care about quality or taste – it’s the cost. There is more to life than just the cost – as our recent milk issues have highlighted.
      Sometimes there are much better ways to save money.

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