8 Fun ways to save money

 Fun ways to save money


Saving money doesn’t always have to be boring!  These 8 fun ways to save money will encourage you to actually want to save money, and enjoy the process.


1. Collect $2 coins

Every time you come across a $2 coin, put it aside.  At the end of the year, count up the $2 coins and see how much you have saved it could add up to a significant amount.  Of course this doesn’t just have to be $2 coins, you could instead put aside $1 coins, or $5 notes.


2. Take part in a savings challenge

Saving challenges can be a really fun way to save.  Try challenges such as our 52 week money saving challenge and 7 day no grocery shopping challenge.


3. Frugal date night

Challenge your partner to see who can come up with the best date night for the least amount of money.  You are sure to have fun trying to be creative without spending a heap of money.


4. Save instead of spend

You know those times when you decide you really want something?  Instead of making the purchase, avoid giving into temptation and instead put the money into your savings account.


5. Have a no spend day or week

Putting a self imposed ban on spending is one of the quickest ways to save.  Decide on how long you want to try it for, whether it’s a day or a week, and avoid spending money (other than on essentials such as bills).  It will force you to get creative and find alternatives to spending money.


6. Making saving a game

Everything is more fun when it’s made into a game, and saving money is no exception.  There are so many ways you can make saving money into a game; see how cheaply you can put together an outfit, see how little petrol you can use in a week, or challenge yourself to spend less on your grocery shopping than the previous week.


7. Create tangible goals

Instead of setting a goal to save a certain amount of money, set a goal to save up for something tangible.  This could include a holiday, new car or even a house.  It’s so much easier, not too mention much more fun, to save when you can visualise exactly what you are saving for.


8. Reward yourself

Saving money to reach your goals is just that bit easier when you reward yourself regularly for your efforts.  It doesn’t have to be (and shouldn’t be) anything too out there and expensive, but small rewards can make it seem less like you are depriving yourself.  It’s always good to set aside a small amount of money in your budget to be used as ‘fun money’, which you can spend guilt free on anything you like, without having to run the prurchase past your partner first.



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