7 day no grocery shopping challenge

 7 day no grocery shopping challenge


At times when you really need to give your savings a small boost, or have an unexpected expense come up, the 7 day no grocery shopping challenge is the perfect way to save some cash.  Most of us waste way more food than we realise, and this wasted food adds up to quite a large amount of money, so chances are you have a heap of food in the pantry and fridge/freezer that may be soon ending up in the bin.  This 7 day challenge will encourage you to get creative and use up this food, while at the same time skipping a whole weeks worth of grocery shopping.


How does the challenge work


To get started, take a good look in your pantry and fridge/freezer.  Plan out the meals and snacks you will make for the next 7 days.  Then head to the shop and grab any essentials that you will need for the no grocery shopping week such as milk, any extra fresh fruit and vegetables etc, since you need to avoid making another trip to the supermarket for at least the next 7 days.  You can always allocate yourself a small amount of money to spend on essentials while you are there, and once you hit that amount that’s it, nothing more goes into the trolley and you make do with what you already have on hand.  Just make sure you don’t double up on items you already have at home.  The point of this challenge is to use up the food you already have, not add to it.


Once you get started with the challenge, try stretch out the no grocery shopping period for longer than 7 days if you can.  The more days you can stretch the challenge out for, the more likely you are to get creative with the food you do have on hand, using up those tins that have been sitting in the cupboard for as long as you can remember, and all of those frozen meals in the fridge.


What are the benefits of the 7 day challenge


The most obvious benefit of the 7 day challenge is the money you will save by using up food you already have instead of shopping for more as you usually do.  The longer you can drag out the challenge, the more you will save.  If you practice this challenge every month or so, you could find yourself saving significant amounts of money, as well as reducing the amount of food that goes to waste.


The 7 day no grocery shopping challenge will also get you thinking about how much food you infact do waste, and the ways you can reduce it.  You will find yourself calculating the portions in a meal more accurately, reducing the leftovers what will potentially go to waste.  Your pantry and fridge/freezer will also feel much more organised, and I guarantee you will want to keep them that way, which also encourages you to buy less at the supermarket.


If you want to challenge yourself to save even more money, sign up for our free 21 day money saving challenge, which is delivered to your email once a day for 21 days, giving you a new mini challenge each day.


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