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6 Must Try Alternative Halloween treats

6 Must Try Alternative Halloween treats


This is in partnership with Woolworths


When you think of Halloween, chances are the first things that springs to mind is lollies, chocolates and all things sugary.  Fortunately, it’s possible to celebrate Halloween without all of that sugar.  



These alternative Halloween treats will impress kids so much, they probably won’t even realise what they are eating.



All of these treats focus on fresh produce, all of which is easily found at your local Woolworths store.



These alternative Halloween treats will impress kids so much, they probably won’t even realise what they are eating.




If you are throwing a Halloween get together, these cute treats look amazing served on a grazing platter.  Add some spooky decorations and you have a Halloween table that is sure to impress.



I grabbed all of my decorations from my local Woolworths store.  Its Halloween selection is huge this year, and it’s so convenient to grab a few bits and pieces while doing the weekly grocery shop.  It saves so much time, and the range is really well priced too.






If you would like to copy the look I went for here, these are the items I used from the Woolworths Halloween range:


Halloween Creepy Crawlies

Halloween Led Lights

Glitter Tabletop Pumpkin

Trick or Treat Mini Pails





Witch’s Broom Sticks


These fun witch’s broom sticks require only three ingredients; pretzels sticks, cheese slices and fresh chives.



To make the broomsticks, unwrap a slice of cheese and cut the cheese into halves.  Use a sharp knife to cut tassels in the cheese, taking care to leave a few centimetres of uncut cheese across the top of each slice.



Wrap the cheese around one end of the pretzel stick.  Secure the cheese to the pretzel by wrapping a chive stem around the cheese and tying with a knot.



Repeat the above process to make as many broom sticks as you require.







Ghost Boiled Eggs


Hard boiled eggs are always a hit with kids.  This recipe takes simple hard boiled eggs, and transforms them into a ghostly treat.



Simply peel your hard boiled eggs, and use a star knife to slice a small portion from the bottom of the egg.  This is going to give each egg a flat bottom, allowing the eggs to stand upright.



Next, take a drinking straw, and gently push the straw through the egg white to make eyes, taking care not to push the straw into the egg yolk.  Use the straw to create a slightly bigger hole for the mouth.





Ghost Strawberries



Ghost Strawberries


Chocolate covered strawberries are one of those treats that appeal to both adults and kids alike.  The fresh strawberries are coated in white chocolate, and finished with these candy eyeballs I found in the baking section of my local Woolworths store.



To make this delicious creation, first melt some white chocolate in a small bowl.  Next, take whole strawberries and dip into the melted chocolate.



While the chocolate is still wet, stick two candy eyes onto each strawberry, and place in the fridge until the chocolate has set.




Celery Spider Logs



Celery Spider Logs


Celery and peanut butter is such a great combination, and the addition of chocolate spiders make them all the more appealing to kids.



To make these spider logs, first prepare the celery by washing and trimming the stalks. Then, cut the stalks into approximately thirds, depending on the size of your celery.



Next, fill the inside of the celery with peanut butter, or any nut butter of your choice.  Place 2 chocolate chips upside down on each celery log, then use writing icing or melted chocolate to draw on the spider legs.




Orange Jack-O-Lanterns



Orange Jack-O-Lanterns


Oranges make the perfect mini Jack-O-Lanterns.  Fill with in season fresh berries and you have the perfect Halloween themed fruity snack.



To create these spooky oranges, first use a sharp knife to remove the tops from the oranges.  Next, use a spoon to scoop out all of the orange flesh and juice, which can be saved and turned into fresh orange juice.



Once the inside of the oranges has been removed, using a sharp knife carefully cut faces into the orange skin.



Fill the oranges with fresh inseason berries, such as blueberries and chopped strawberries.





Crazy Apple Faces



Crazy Apple Faces


These silly apple faces are such a fun way to turn simple apples into a Halloween treat.  The mouths are filled with peanut butter, but this can be substituted for any nut butter or spread.



To recreate these apple faces, first core and cut the apple into quarters.  Use a sharp knife to cut mouths out of each apple quarter.



Next, fill the mouths with peanut butter, and use almond slivers to create teeth.  Use a little honey to stick the candy eyeballs above the mouths.

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