5 Ways to save money on laundry

 Save money on laundry


The laundry is not the first place you might think of when it comes to saving money, but since it’s a room we all use regularly it’s worth paying attention to.  Even though laundry is a dreaded task for many, we have come up with these 5 ways to save money on laundry, so at least washing your clothes will cost you less!


1. Use less detergent

Have you ever thought that the recommended usage amount of laundry detergent on the packaging seems a little high?  That’s because it is, you can easily halve the amount and your clothes will still come out just as clean and fresh.  This tip is an easy saver; you automatically save 50% off your laundry detergent costs.


2. Wear clothes more than once

While some items of clothing are best washed after every use, others can be worn more than once, such as jeans and pyjamas.  You could make it a rule with your kids that if clothes are not dirty, they get worn again, especially if they have only been worn for a few hours!  This also applies to bath towels, you are clean when you use them anyway, so just hang them up to dry between uses.


3. Only wash full loads

This is a tip that will save you big time on electricity usage.  Always wait until you have a full load of washing before switching on the machine.  Don’t over fill your washing machine as it can’t work quite as well when there is barely room for the clothes to move around, but a good sized full loan will save you bucket loads.  The bonus of full loads is, you don’t have to do the laundry as often!


4. Line dry everything

I have never had a drier, and I survive just fine without one.  Using a drier in summer is just craziness given the amount of sunshine we have here in Australia, but in winter you need to think a little differently.  Invest in a clothes airer or two and use it in the winter months to dry you washing when the weather is less than ideal.  You can the use this inside or in an outside covered area.  If you have your heating on inside, move the airer close to the heater to dry your clothes quicker.


5. Own less clothes

Have you ever found yourself washing kids clothes that weren’t even dirty in the first place, they had just been tossed on the floor and mingled in with the dirty washing?  Cull the amount of clothes your kids own, and you instantly end up with less clothing that will inevitably end up in the wash.  With a little bit of luck, owning less clothes will hopefully results in the kids being able to keep their clothing more organised.  Of course, make sure they still have enough clothes that will get them through in periods when the washing might not be done quite as often, such as the winter months.


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