5 Tips to save even more on groceries

5 Tips to save even more on groceries


The internet is packed full of money saving ideas when it comes to grocery shopping, but there is always space for more.  These 5 tips to save even more on groceries will give you ideas on how to make further savings on your weekly grocery budget.


Sort out your wants from needs

Separating your wants from needs is something we all struggle with at some point.  You can save huge amounts of money by avoiding the foods that you ‘want’, and instead only buying the things that you ‘need’. For example that chocolate bar and tub of ice cream are wants, whereas fruit and vegetables are definitely needs.  This is where a shopping list comes in handy; writing a list including only items that you actually need and sticking to it will help you stick to your grocery budget.


Substitute ingredients for lower cost alternatives

Substituting one food for a cheaper alternative is a great way to reduce the cost of your groceries, and often no one will even notice the difference.  For example, reduce the amount of meat that you use, and replace the difference with beans or grated vegetables (carrot, sweet potato and zucchini all work well).  Consider doing the same with baking; swap fresh milk for powdered, and make your own substitute buttermilk (add 2 tablespoons lemon per cup of required milk, and let sit for 5 minutes before using).


Think outside the grocery store

Think outside the box when it comes to your grocery shopping.  There are some amazing alternatives out there to your usual grocery store, and they can be significantly cheaper.  Most cities will have seconds style grocery stores, where you can purchase dented cans and boxes, as well as products that have almost reached their best before date, but are still safe to eat.  Farmers markets are great for picking up cheap fruit and vegetables, and the bonus is they are usual local produce.  When fresh produce is extremely cheap and suitable to freeze, buy in bulk and freeze some for another day.


Put leftovers straight in the freezer

If you have a habit of putting your leftovers in the fridge with good intentions of eating them, but then they get forgotten about and thrown away days later, put them straight into the freezer.  Then when you don’t feel like cooking, you have meals ready to go.  This will save you huge amount on takeaway, as well as convenience style meals from the supermarket.


Cook once, eat twice

This is similar to the last tip, but is intentional freezer cooking.  Whenever you cook anything that is both suitable for freezing and suitable for doubling, cook at least a double batch of it.  This style of cooking has multiple advantages.  It saves you money as you can buy certain items in bulk.  It also gives you a night off cooking whenever the urge strikes.  You could also include one or two ‘no cooking’ nights into your weekly meal plan, and use these nights to choose a pre-prepared meal from your freezer to have for dinner.

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