4 Tips to keep your home clutter free

Struggling to keep your home clutter free? It can be hard to manage the massive amounts of stuff, especially if you have kids! These 4 tips will help you make your house clutter free, and keep it that way!


Our homes are getting bigger, and the amount of stuff we have is getting just as large.  It’s crazy how many items we just NEED to own these days.  All of this clutter becomes extremely hard to keep clean, and can even lead to wasting money (read How being organised can save you money).  We have put together these 4 tips to keep your home clutter free.  Like many things, keeping the clutter under control becomes a habit.  It just involves getting started, and being mindful of what you bring into your home, and what items are really necessary to keep.


1. Set limits

To stop your belongings getting out of control, you need to set limits on how many of each thing you own.  It’s not really necessary to have a wardrobe overflowing with clothes and shoes, after all you only have one body, and there are only so many clothes you can wear.  Set a realistic number of clothes you need, and stick to it.  Get into the habit of not buying new clothes just for the sake of it, or because they are on sale, but rather only buying new clothes when they are actually replacing something that is worn.


The same goes for the kids toys.  With Christmas and birthdays it doesn’t take long for kids to accumulate more toys than they know what to do with.  Set a limit on how many toys you think they need, and put away or donate the rest.  Having less stuff makes it so much easier to keep it organised and clean.


2. Declutter ruthlessly

Once you have set limits on how many items you need, it’s time to declutter, and ruthlessly at that.  It can be hard, but you need to be realistic about what you actually use and need to keep.  Be honest with yourself, if you don’t regularly use it, or it’s not in good working order, get rid of it.  Separate the items you will be getting rid of into 4 piles:


  • To donate to charity – If the item is in good working order but you don’t want to sell it, donate it to your local thrift shop.
  • To sell – if the items has enough value that it’s worth the time and effort, sell it.
  • To throw in the rubbish – If it’s broken, stained etc, chuck it in the rubbish.
  • Give it away – If you have friends or relatives that you know would appreciate the item and have use for it, offer it to them.  This works especially well with babies and children’s toys and clothes.

Once your have sorted your decluttered items into the 4 piles, deal with them quickly.  If you don’t, there is a good chance they will make their way back into your cupboards, once again becoming clutter.



4 tips to keep your home clutter free

3. Stop stuff from finding it’s way in

Stopping the flow of things coming into your home gets much easier once you have set your limits and decluttered the house.  Be mindful when you are out shopping of not bringing home more items that will just sit around unused.  This especially applies to sale items, don’t just buy something because it’s on sale if you don’t actually need the item.  This may mean you need to avoid visiting your favourite shops, and making a habit of only going shopping when you actually need something, not just for something to do.


4. Buy quality over quantity

The shops are flooded these days with cheap and poorly made products, it’s so easy to just go for the cheapest option when you need something new.  However, just because the cheapest it doesn’t mean it’s going to save you money.  Instead look at the more expensive but better quality options, and consider whether these might actually save you money in the long run, as they should last longer, and do a better job.


For example, we used to have a very cheap vacuum cleaner which cost around $100.  It never did the job properly, and of course stopped working after around a year..  We then replaced it with a much better quality and more expensive Dyson vacuum which cost us $500.  While this was around 5 times the price to purchase up front, it has so far lasted us well over 6 years and is still going strong, so it has saved us money compared with purchasing a new $100 vacuum every year or so.  Not only have we saved money, but it does a superior job compared to the cheaper option.

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