21 ways to cut your electricity bill this winter

Winter has well and truly hit now, and electricity prices just keep on rising.  Here are 21 ways to start reducing your electricity usage today.



Turn off appliances at the wall – it is often debated whether this will actually save you money, but they say appliances on stand-by still use electricity, so its worth a shot in my opinion.  An added bonus in our house is that it stops our toddler from turning appliances on, particularly her newest fascination, the microwave.




Winter has well and truly hit now, and electricity prices just keep on rising. Here are 21 ways to start reducing your electricity usage today.




Turn off lights when not in the room – this one is obvious, no point having all the lights on in the house when the family are only in one room.  Another I often see if porch lights left on all night, a massive drain on your electricity bill.



Switch to LED light globes – LED light globes are the newest energy saving technology.  They are more expensive than traditional energy saving light globes, but will last around $25 years. 



My tip is to replace your light globes with the LED style as they blow, that way you are not outlaying too much money at once.



Turn the thermostat on your heater down – Even turning your heater down one degree will help.  There is no point having your heater up so high that you end up dressed for summer when at home.



Avoid using old appliances – Older appliances do not have the energy efficiency functions of today’s appliances, and as they get older they will begin to work less efficiently.



Choose energy efficient appliances – Always check the energy efficiency rating when searching for new appliances, a slight more expensive with a higher rating could save you hundreds over the years.



Add an extra item of clothing before turning on the heater



Have shorter showers – If your hot water system is electric, you could save hundreds a year by simply reducing the length of your showers, although this is easier said than done in the middle of winter.



Install an efficient water head – This will not only reduce your electricity bill, but as your will be using less water it will reduce your water bill too!



Open curtains during the day and close them before it gets dark  – This way you let the winter sun in to help warm up your house, and stop it escaping before the temperature drops outside in the evening.



Close doors to areas of the home that don’t need to be heated – There is no point heating unused areas of your house.



Use an extra blanket on your bed rather than an electric blanket  – It’s safer and saves electricity.



If you are in the market fora new washing machine, consider a front loader – A front loader will generally be more efficient than a top loader.  It is also important to choose the right size washing machine for your households needs.



Only run the washing machine when full – The benefit of this is that you do the washing less often!



Banish the drier – We don’t even own a drier, and have never had the need for one.  The sun is free, and if it’s raining outside you can always use a clothes airer, or put the clothes in front of the heater (but not too close).



Wash with cold water – Not only will this save electricity (or gas) bit not using your hot water system, but it is actually recommended by most laundry powder manufacturers (and clothing manufacturers).



Only run the dishwasher when full – This is the same concept as only running your washing machine when full.  If you find the need to run small loads, consider a dishwasher with a half load option, or a dish drawer style dishwasher, when next upgrading.



If your dishwasher can heat it’s own water, use this function – Most dishwashers have the ability to heat their own water, and will do so far more efficiently than your hot water system.



Plan your meals ahead to avoid defrosting in the microwave – I’m guilty of this one.  If you plan your meals at least a day in advance, you can defrost food in the fridge rather than relying on the microwave.



Set your fridge and freezer to their  optimum temperatures – Set your fridge to between 2 degrees and 5 degrees, and your freezer to -18 degrees.  Keeping your fridge and freezer full but not overloaded will keep it running efficiently



Don’t open the oven door too often – The temperature in your oven drops by up to 15 degrees each time time you open the oven door.  Only open the door when necessary.


More money saving tips


Want more money saving tips to help keep those bills in check?  Look no further than the below tips:






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