Easy Vanilla Slice

This post was originally posted March 2013, and has been updated. Vanilla slice is one of those classic bakery treats that we all grew up with.  It’s still one of my favourite desserts!  [...]

Golden Syrup Biscuits

These golden syrup biscuits, or hockey pokey biscuits if you grew up with the Edmonds cookbook, taste absolutely amazing for something so simple. The golden syrup gives the biscuits a great [...]

Coffee Scroll Biscuits

You might remember coffee scrolls biscuits from your childhood. They are no longer available in the supermarkets, but you can now whip up a batch of these sweetly spiced biscuits whenever you [...]

Lemon Weetbix Slice

If you love chocolate Weetbix slice you are sure to love this sweet and tangy lemon Weetbix slice. It’s a quick and easy recipe that the family is sure to love. This delicious slice starts [...]