14 Easy slice recipes

    We love easy slice recipes; they make the perfect sweet treat!  We have plenty of slice recipes on Bargain Mums, some require baking, while others are extremely quick no-bake [...]

Chocolate Mint Slice

    There is something about chocolate and peppermint; they just work so well together.  This Chocolate Mint Slice is no exception!  The chocolatey base of the slice is like a dense [...]

Chocolate Coconut Slice

We here at Bargain Mums love no bake slices, and this Chocolate Coconut Slice is one of our favourites.  It’s a great quick and easy staple recipe to have on hand for those times when you [...]

Baking Substitutions

    Who hasn’t been in the middle of baking, just to realise you are missing a vital ingredient?  These 12 baking substitutions are great to use when you don’t feel like rushing [...]

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