12 Freezer friendly lunch box recipes

Need some lunch box inspirations? Take a look at these 12 FREEZER FRIENDLY LUNCH BOX RECIPES


Looking for lunch box inspiration?  Check out our 1 week of easy and healthy lunch box ideas.


My daughter is starting her first year of school in just two weeks, so my thoughts are starting to turn to what I’m going to pack in her lunch box.  I’m not into pre-packaged snacks, they are very expensive and tend to not be as healthy as home made alternatives.  These are the 12 lunch box snacks and treats that I will be making and freezing over the next 2 weeks.


All of these recipes freeze extremely well.  I like to freeze everything in zip lock bags, and just take out what I need each morning.  You don’t need to do anything other than pop them into the lunch box each morning, they will be defrosted and ready to eat by the time lunch rolls around.


3 ingredient apricot balls

3 Ingredient apricot balls

These apricot balls are both easy and healthy.  You just need apricot, coconut and honey to whip up a batch, and they freeze extremely well.


Cheesymite Scrolls

Cheesymite scrolls

Cheesymite scrolls are such an Australian favourite, and this easy version is made with a great no-rise dough.


Sugar Free Banana Muffins

Sugar free banana muffins

Even though these banana muffins contain no added sugar, they still taste just as great as ordinary muffins thanks to using ripe bananas.


Homemade Tiny Teddy Biscuits Recipe

Homemade tiny teddy biscuits

Don’t buy Tiny Teddy biscuits; make your own with this easy recipe using these Tiny Teddy cutters.


Easy 4 ingredient pikelets


These fluffy pikelets taste great both on their own or topped with Nutella.


Yoghurt and Blueberry Loaf Cake

Yoghurt and blueberry loaf cake

There is something so good about cakes made with yoghurt; they have such a nice, light taste.  This blueberry spotted cake is sure to be a hit with everyone.  Just slice once cooled and freeze individual slices ready to add to lunch boxes.


Ham and Vegetable Noodle Cups

Ham and vegetable noodle cups

These noodle cups are a delicious alternative to 2 minute noodles, and you can change them to suit your kids tastes by using different grated or finely finely diced vegetables.


These EASY CORN FRITTERS make a great snack or even dinner with a salad on the side, and are a great way to hide veggies from the kids www.bargainmums.com.au

Easy corn fritters

These corn fritters make a great lunch or snack.  They are made with carrot but once again you could add whatever vegetable you have on hand, such as sweet potato or zucchini.


Blueberry Muffin Slice

Blueberry muffin slice

This slice tastes just like a blueberry muffin, but in the form of a giant light and fluffy loaf cake.


Healthy Sausage Rolls

Healthy sausage rolls

Everyone loves sausage rolls, and these veggie packed sausage rolls are a bit healthier than the regular version.


Homemade LCM Bars

Homemade lcm bars

These LCM bars are another lunch box favourite that can be made for a fraction of the price of the pre-packaged version.  They are also extremely easy to make, containing only 3 ingredients.


2 Ingredient Cheese Muffins

3 Ingredient cheese muffins

Cheese muffins don’t get any easier than this.  If you want a flavour boost just add extras such as chopped ham or cooked bacon and some grated vegetables.


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