10 Things to buy at Costco

New to Costco? Check out these 10 Things To Buy At Costco, including prices


Read any article on Costco and you will soon realise that you need to know your prices; Costco offers amazing deals on some things, but others are still best purchased from an ordinary supermarket.  We have put together a list of 10 things to buy at Costco.  These items may not be worth buying for everyone, but they will give you a bit of an idea of what products are worth stocking up on from Costco.  If you want to find our more about Costco’s prices, check out our Costco Price List.  For the purpose of this comparison, I will compare Costco’s prices with those from Woolworths Online (who now charge exactly the same prices for items online as they do in store), comparing the biggest packaging size and cheapest brand.


1. Flour

Plain, self-raising and bakers flour are all worth purchasing from Costco with decent discounts when compared with supermarket prices, in particular when it comes to bakers flour.

Self-raising and plain flour – Costco price is $0.75/kg, Woolworths price is $0.93/kg

Bakers flour – Costco price is $0.73/kg, Woolworths price (bread flour) is $2.00/kg


 2. Maple Syrup

I love the maple syrup from Costco, and the large 1L bottle is great.  Bigger packaging means shopping less often, which is a huge plus for me!

Maple syrup – Costco price is $18.49/L, Woolworths price is $27.20/L


3. Yoghurt

I’m a huge fan of Jalna vanilla flavoured yoghurt as it just seems that bit healthier than most of the other brands supermarkets stock.  This yoghurt is a fair bit more expensive than other brands, so I was excited to discover that Costco stocks it.

Jalna vanilla flavoured yoghurt – Costco price is $4.35/kg, Woolworths price is $7.00/kg


4. Chocolate Chips

I’m going to cheat a bit with this comparison and compare the Kirkland brand chocolate chips that Costco stocks with a brand name from Woolworths, as the Homebrand version just doesn’t compare; the quality of the chocolate is worlds apart.

Chocolate Chips – Costco price is $5.82/kg, Woolworths (Cadbury) price is $17.60/kg  (for relevance, Homebrand is $5.80/kg)


5. BBQ Chicken

These BBQ chickens are so versatile, I even buy them just to shred and freeze the meat, which is perfect to use for meals such as my BBQ Chicken Pizza.

Hot BBQ Chicken – Costco price is $5.99, Woolworths price is $8.00


6. Milk

We purchase both the Devondale long life milk and A2 milk from Costco, with the A2 milk being significantly cheaper in Costco than any supermarket.

Long Life Milk – Costco price is $0.95/L, Woolworths price is $1.00/L

A2 Milk – Costco price is $1.90/L, Woolworths price is $2.35/L


7. Quinoa

Most grains and baking basics are far cheaper at Costco than other supermarkets, and Quinoa is no exception.

Quinoa – Costco price is $8.99/kg, Woolworths price is $20.00/kg


8. Brown Rice

We recently converted from using white rice to brown rice, despite the fact that brown rice is significantly more expensive than white.  Costco sell 5kg Brown rice bags at a great discount.

SunRice Brown Rice – Costco price is $1.40/kg, Woolworths price is $2.80/kg


9. Frozen Berries

We go through a huge amount of frozen berries, so we save huge amount of money by stocking up at Costco.

Frozen Raspberries – Costco price is $7.26/kg, Woolworths price is $9.00/kg

Frozen Blueberries – Costco price is $6.46/kg, Woolworths price is $9.00/kg


10. Petrol

If you are lucky enough to have a Costco with an attached petrol station, make the most of it!  We make a point of filling up the car every time we head to Costco, and depending on the current prices, we have saved up to $0.25/L, which adds up quickly when filling up a big car.


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  • Melinda

    Looks like I’m going to become a Costco member: we go through so much quinoa, brown rice, flour and Jalna yoghurt .This might be a stupid question, but do they sell wholemeal flour as well?

    • BargainMums

      Hi Melinda, unfortunately the only flour I have noticed at Costco is white!

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