7 Reasons why you shouldn’t shop at Aldi

Don't like to save money? Here's 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Shop At Aldi


Don’t like to save money?  Then here is 7 reasons why you shouldn’t shop at Aldi.


1. You don’t like fast checkouts

The checkouts at Aldi are fast, lightning fast in fact.  When you first start shopping at Aldi you might be a little shocked in the difference between your regular supermarket and Aldi.  My experience of regular supermarkets in my area is that the checkout operators can be a little on the slow side, and that’s once you have waited in line with a few other shoppers before you.  Aldi checkouts are set up to be fast, and that’s part of the way they cut costs and therefore keep prices low.  If you take a look at just about every Aldi product, the packaging will be covered in large barcodes, which reduces the time the checkout operators spend scanning each item.


2. You don’t like having to do a little work to save a lot of money

By having to do a little extra yourself, Aldi have to do less, which reduces product costs.  For example, to get a trolley from the trolley bay you will need a $1 or $2 coin, or buy a token from inside the store.  Yes it can be a little annoying when you are not used to it, but it means shoppers are more likely to return their trolleys once finished with them, as everyone wants their coin back.


You will also need to pack your own trolley when going through the checkout.  It’s a bit of a inconvenience when you have been previously shopping at Coles or Woolworths, but once again the time saving for Aldi results in money savings for you.  When it comes to the actual products, you may not find everything your family ordinarily buys, so you may still need to visit your regular grocery store every so often for a few items.


3. You don’t like cheaper, generic products that are just as good as brand names

Let me start by saying not ALL Aldi products are going to be as good as the name brand equivalents ( we haven’t had much luck with the Aldi dishwashing powder), but with many of the products you won’t even know the difference.  Shopping at Aldi does involve a little trial and error, but you will soon discover which products work for your family.


4. You prefer to pay more for gluten free food

If you have special dietary requirements,  gluten free items can be hugely expensive at times.  Luckily Aldi has it’s own gluten free range, so now even gluten free shoppers can save up big.  For those that prefer an organic diet, Aldi have items for you too.


5. You love artificial colours

If you love food laced with artificial colours, the Aldi definitely isn’t the store for you.  Aldi have removed the following 6 colours from their own brand products:

  • 102 Tartrazine
  • 104 Quinoline Yellow
  • 110 Sunset Yellow
  • 122 Carmoisine
  • 124 Ponceau
  • 129 Allura Red

Also the following 8 colours used in Australian food manufacturing:

  • 123 Amaranth Purple
  • 127 Erythrosine Cherry Red
  • 132 Indigo Blue
  • 133 Brilliant Blue
  • 142 Green
  • 143 Green
  • 151 Black
  • 155 Brown


6. You prefer not to buy Australian made

The majority of Aldi’s products are sourced from Australian suppliers, keeping more jobs here in Australia.  They only source items from overseas when they can’t find the product here.


7. Your not a fan of saving money

If you prefer to spend more money, then keep shopping at your regular supermarket.  If however you get a thrill out of finding bargains (I know I sure do), then Aldi is for you.  I recently wrote an Aldi Comparison and discovered that I had saved $55 on a regular shop when compared with my usual local Coles supermarket.  Who wouldn’t want to make that kind of saving every week?


Aldi comparison - Is Aldi the cheapest supermarket?


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